The pleasure taboo: why are we only designating 30 minutes a week to pleasure?!

The pleasure taboo: why are we only designating 30 minutes a week to pleasure?!

G is for G Spot, Guilt Free, Great Taste and of course our founder Gillian. In her recent interview with Porter Magazine she distilled our ethos perfectly with the statement “Pleasure is not a dirty word”. This captures the very essence of what G Spot is all about. We are on a mission to help you reclaim pleasure as your birthright.

We believe life is a sensual journey to be enjoyed - however and with whomever you fancy. There is no taboo in You doing You! 

To celebrate the launch of Arouse, the newest addition to the G Spot drink range - which we launched in association with Netflix and Sex Education, G Spot commissioned a study of 1000 women to gain insight into female pleasure practices. At G Spot we believe that female pleasure and female empowerment are intrinsically linked, and we want to open this conversation and dismantle any stigma surrounding women’s inherent right and time taken for enjoyment. Note – Unless specifically stated, pleasure practice refers to anything an individual enjoys - whether that’s sexual pleasure, dancing, a hot date or simply contemplating a sunset.

Some of the key findings of our study were: 

  • 1 in 5 women never commit any time to their own pleasure practice. 30 minutes was the weekly average that women designate for this and themselves. 
  • 4 in 10 women feel like they don’t have enough time to factor pleasure into their schedule. 
  • 1 in 10 women would not discuss their sexual pleasure with anyone.
  • A healthy 70% of women considered sexual pleasure key to their wellness and self-care. Yet despite acknowledging the importance of sexual pleasure to their overall wellbeing, only 25% were making an effort to prioritise it. 
  • 60% of women climax often with their partner whilst 1 in 3 said they were more likely to climax alone. 2/3 of these attributed this to knowing their body (and their G Spot) better and the other 1/3 felt less hurried and more able to indulge in their own fantasies.

For us, the key takeaway from the study was that women felt they could all prioritise the practice of pleasure more. So, G Spot is here to encourage you to banish shame and embarrassment, to show you that there is power in embracing pleasure and that pleasure is key to your wellbeing. Just to reiterate Gillian’s message - “Pleasure is not a dirty word”.

This wild and precious life is here to be enjoyed, much like our drinks. You won’t find us faking it. We use only the finest real and natural ingredients to deliver tantalising treats that deliver pure unadulterated pleasure in every sip.

Take Arouse for example; an expert blend of Passionfruit, White Peach and Habanero with functional ingredients including the aphrodisiac Butterfly Pea (botanical name Clitoria Ternatea 😉), libido enhancing Amino’s and hormone balancing Vit B6 – this is a drink like no other, expertly crafted to awaken the senses.

If you want to taste what pleasure feels like, let Arouse be your go to. 

Our survey was conducted by One Poll in September 2023