introducing g spot x parapride

This Pride Month, we're proud to stand with ParaPride in their mission to empower LGBTQ+ disabled communities. ParaPride is non-profit grassroots charity working to support LGBTQ+ disabled people through education, advocacy and creating accessible and socially safe entertainment and networking events.

We are excited to introduce our brand-new limited edition G Spot x ParaPride lifestyle collection, celebrating the diversity of everyONE and everyBODY. Designed in collaboration with ParaPride, it represents the importance of fostering loving and intimate relationships with our own bodies.

To support their incredible work, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the collection, including 100% of digital art proceeds, will be donated to ParaPride. Through our partnership with ParaPride, we hope to raise awareness, promote inclusivity, and support their vital initiatives.

pride in everyone. pride in everybody.

daniele, parapride founder

Throughout my journey as a disabled person I realised there was a very evident need to address the lack of inclusion for disabled people within the LGBTQ+ community, a need for more accessible LGBTQ spaces, and a need to promote body positivity and being able to celebrate that. That is what motivated me to co-found ParaPride.

meet the ambassadors

  • mzz kimberley

    "We live in a society that isn’t structured for all. We need to realise how powerful we could be if we all came together."

  • roxy murray

    "Embracing intersectionality means advocating for inclusive spaces that recognise and celebrate diverse identities."

  • asifa lahore

    "It is my goal to be able to support others in celebrating all elements of their identities as I have."

  • katie hudson

    "I am regularly amazed by and so proud of our mighty, unique, talented, and creative team and community at ParaPride."

intersectionality and body positivity

Find out more about why conversations around intersectionality and body positivity are so important for LGBTQ+ disabled people.

Intersectionality is a broad term that refers to how all people have multiple aspects to their identities based on their social and physical characteristics, and how these aspects interrelate with each other.

It highlights that people who identify with more than one marginalised group often experience overlapping, compounded issues that are much more complicated and challenging than the effects of being associated with each group individually.

To ParaPride, intersectionality means pride and empowerment, beauty and strength. Embracing the intersecting aspects of our identities, and celebrating them. While the focus of their work seeks to support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ disabled community, they take pride in everyone for all aspects of their identities.

For a long time intersectionality was only associated with how people experienced overlapping forms of discrimination and disadvantage. It was hard to carry different layers of intersecting identities and be able to be your true self when there was such a negative connotation towards it.

Thankfully, today we have a greater understanding of the importance of diversity in society. We are moving towards a new, positive definition of intersectionality, adapting it to better represent all marginalised communities.

Together, we can finally share the feelings of empowerment that come with diverse identities.

ParaPride’s purpose is to celebrate the intersection of LGBTQ+ and disabled communities and all other ways that a person may identify. They encourage their community to wear their different layers of intersectionality with pride and to be true to themselves.

Talking about and celebrating intersectionality through sharing lived experiences empowers those who face challenges based on their intersectional identities, and helps people around them learn how to be better allies.

Listening to the voices of intersectional communities is key. Asking questions, being open to understanding, communicating to one another. Having empathy. Learning - not only from struggles but from stories of success and empowerment. Don't assume you know, be open for dialogue. 

There is so much more to discover together.

It is a well understood issue that the LGBTQ+ community experiences a disproportionately high rate of mental health issues associated with body image. In the UK, an LGB adult is twice as likely than a straight cis-gendered adult to feel shame because of their body image. It is very common for trans people to experience distress due to the incongruity between their biological sex and gender identity throughout all stages of their transitional journeys.

Similarly, disabled people can have a complicated relationship with their own bodies and a staggering 50% of UK adults with a disability said their body image negatively affected their self-esteem, compared to 35% among non-disabled people.

In our celebration of LGBTQ+ disabled people we promote awareness of the need for this to change, by advocating for better representation of all types of bodies and encouraging our community to realise the beauty in their own. We have pride in everyone and in everybody.

ParaPride is an empowerment charity, advocating for the visibility, education and awareness of disabled LGBTQ+ people. The need for an organisation like ParaPride comes from an evident need to address the lack of inclusion for disabled people, the need for more accessible LGBTQ+ spaces, and the need to embrace, promote, and celebrate body positivity!