G Spot x ParaPride: Introducing Roxy Murray

about me

I am a pansexual person living with Multiple Sclerosis, a passionate advocate for disability rights and sex positivity. I founded The Sick and Sickening Podcast to share unfiltered stories about living with illness.

With a background as a stylist, I use fashion as activism, advocating for visbility of ethnically diverse and LGBTQIA+ communities.

I campaign for inclusion and equity, highlighting the lack of diversity in the medical, charity, and corporate sectors. 

I speak on workplace allyship, intersectionality, wellbeing, identity, neurodiversity, body positivity, activism, and sexual health.


how I got involved with parapride

I joined ParaPride after meeting co-founder Daniele at Black Pride UK last year. We discussed our experiences as queer, disabled individuals and our work within those communities. Their organisation's values aligned perfectly with mine as a disabled, queer, intersectional person. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with ParaPride, highlighting the beauty of intersectionality.


my experience of intersectionality

My experience of intersectionality involves navigating multiple, overlapping identities as a queer, disabled individual. Each aspect of my identity shapes how I interact with the world and how the world interacts with me.

In my journey, I’ve faced unique challenges and discrimination, but I’ve also discovered a deep sense of community and solidarity among those who share similar experiences.

Embracing intersectionality means advocating for inclusive spaces that recognise and celebrate diverse identities. It has enriched my understanding of social justice, allowing me to work effectively within various communities to promote equity and highlight the interconnectedness of our struggles and strengths.


three things that give me pride


My resilience : I am proud of my ability to overcome challenges and adversity, using my experiences to grow stronger and more determined.


My advocacy:  I take pride in my work within the disabled and queer communities, striving to create inclusive spaces and raise awareness about intersectionality.


Being my authentic self : I am proud of embracing and celebrating my true self, living openly as a disabled, queer individual, and inspiring others to do the same.


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