Founded by Gillian Anderson, G Spot was created during the covid-19 pandemic, when Gillian came to terms with the fact that she consumed too many high-sugar, caffeinated drinks. She knew she could be making healthier choices but couldn’t find anything on the market that would satisfy her cravings, something that tasted amazing but also did good for her body. 

Not only did Gillian want to create a drink that could solve her dilemma, but she also wanted to build a brand that explored wellness in a way she didn’t see anywhere else. A brand that could cut through the all-or-nothingness of a wellness industry that felt at times intense, exclusive and extreme. She set out to create a product that promised to celebrate self-care, self- awareness, and the freedom to be who you are. 

G Spot drinks are refreshing, natural soft drinks filled to the brim with life-enhancing adaptogens and nootropics. A simple mix of what we know tastes good boosted with what we know does good. They have unique thirst-quenching flavours that also invigorate and boost performance and cognitive functions. And yes, they taste as good as they sound.

G Spot is the sweet spot between taste and functionality.

G Spot embraces both what is good for our health and what is indulgent, fun and freeing. We lie somewhere between a purist health drink that claims to change your life, and a mainstream soda brand that wants you hooked. We celebrate the middle (wo)man*. To us they symbolise balance, wellness, fun, freedom and satisfaction; HAVING IT ALL. The middle ground is where the magic happens - the sweet spot - the G Spot.

we hope you enjoy!

*Anyone who identifies as a woman and those who are non-binary