frequently asked questions

when is the best time to drink G Spot?


Can be enjoyed any time you need a boost of energy and focus. First thing in the morning? Afternoon slump? Before a workout? It is not however recommended to be drunk before bed, unless your sweet spot is to stay up and dance!


Can be consumed any time of day or night and to experience its complete medicinal immune system supporting properties- feel free to drink daily! 


Well, to be honest, any time you need to calm yourself down, or take a moment to relax.

best way to enjoy G Spot?

Chilled, straight from the can, poured into a glass over ice, or why not throw in a cocktail umbrella and pretend you're on holiday.

is G Spot vegan?

Yes, G Spot is 100% vegan.

does G Spot contain caffeine?

No, G Spot does not contain any caffeine - the increased energy felt from Lift comes from the Cordyceps mushroom’s ability to increase ATP production in our cells, therefore increasing energy and alertness on a cellular level, pretty much right away.

The B-Vitamins, Bacopa and Lion’s Mane also play a role in increasing energy levels and focus. Please refer to the detailed ingredients list on the product pages.

does G Spot have any artificial sweeteners?

No, G Spot does not contain any artificial sweeteners. G Spot contains only naturally occurring sugars such as Fructose, which come from natural fruit juice, as well as Erythritol which is a natural zero calorie sugar substitute.

are G Spot products environmentally friendly?

Our drinks are made and packaged in the UK and all of our packaging and aluminium cans are recyclable.

We work with suppliers who are all working towards a sustainable supply of materials and implementing ESG protocols. We are committed to continuous improvement and making a positive impact on the environment and society.

are G Spot drinks safe for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding?

The safety of medicinal mushrooms and ancient herbs on pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding has not been thoroughly studied. 

can you drink G Spot while on medication?

Mushrooms are considered very safe with most drug interactions; however, herbs and vitamins can have interactions with some medications. Due to the therapeutic dosage of herbs and mushrooms in these drinks, you must consult a health care practitioner before you drink G Spot if you are on any medications.

where can I buy G Spot?

You can purchase G Spot here on the website or in-person at your local Harvey Nichols. If you’re outside the UK and eager to find your G Spot, Harvey Nichols online ships globally. Stay tuned for when they’re available in a store near you! (OR Follow us for the latest G Spot movements.)

what are the delivery cost options and estimated arrival times?

Hidden postage fees can really ruin that G Spot moment, that's why we offer free next day delivery (if ordered before midday). Please check our website for updates during holidays and busy periods. Please note, we do not currently deliver outside of the UK.

what is the return policy?

If the cans have been damaged in transport and are not consumable, please contact our customer service team at Once opened we cannot accept returns.